I would also have a question to you – the «Ihnen erteilte Lastschriftermächtigung» from last paragraph – does it suggest that John has originally agreed to paying? As John never concluded the contract he has also never given the Lastschriftermächtigung for the additional card to Debitel. Debitel actually took a liberty of getting the money from John, but without John`s consent. Do you think that John could use a different wording? I`ve been through it all, albeit with Telekom. He has exactly 0.0 chance of winning this. A couple of years ago, the German courts decided the salespeople are allowed to lie to you. It`s what`s in the AGB that counts. That one sided contract that he didn`t cancel within 2 weeks is now a valid contract for both parties. I had bad experiences, and many friends complained about it too. They do not inform you correctly about the prices, it is close to impossible to end a contract, and the customer service is terrible.

I do not recommend to anyone to take a contract with Vodafone. Documents to send to your current provider to request the number portability before your contract has actually ended: Is it possible to transfer a landline number to a mobile provider? After being in Germany for 16 months, I am transferred by my company to China. Vodafone refuses to terminate the contract early – even when providing a letter from the employer stating about the transfer. You would like to switch to a different service provider and keep your current phone number? No problem, just take note of the following requirements for a successful mobile number portability. Damit ist für mobilcom-debitel der Vertrag zur Partnerkarte mit der Rufnummer 0162/9152305 wirksam zustande gekommen. eine vorzeitige Vertragsbeendigung ist nicht möglich. Alternativ bieten wir Ihnen hierzu die Möglichkeit einer Vertragsumschreibung auf eine andere Person an. If you were good enough to go through your anmeldung and open a bank account before, you are then able to sign for a contract at one of the following German mobile phone contract providers. I have selected what I think is the fairest plan but feel to explore. I`ve had a mobile phone contract with Debitel for a few years. The contract was renewed last September, the tele-sales person offering me a Gutschein of €200 if I didn`t need a new phone, meaning I would have a zero bill for around 8 months. I accepted this offer.

In December another Debitel tele-sales person called offering me a second number for an additional cost of a small figure which I can`t remember. I should have just refused but I asked them to send me details. A few days later the details arrived, accompanied by a contract to sign and return. I decided it didn`t make sense to have a second number so didn`t sign or send the contract back. A week or so later a sim card etc arrived for this second number. I immediately called Debitel and told them I didn`t want it. I can`t remember the exact conversation but thought it was sorted. But very often, these agents/salespeople just want to close contracts and tell you everything you want to hear… Best, Ben Um einzelne Zusatzoptionen zu kündigen, ist es nicht notwendig, den gesamten Mobilfunkvertrag zu kündigen. Aktuelle Laufzeiten und Kündigungsfristen Ihrer Zusatzoptionen (z.B. Auslandsoptionen oder Internetoptionen) finden Sie unter “Mein mobilcom-debitel”. Loggen Sie sich dafür bitte hier einfach mit Ihrer E-Mail-Adresse und Ihrem persönlichen Passwort ein. Zusatzoptionen, die nicht direkt mit Ihrem Mobilfunktarif zusammenhängen (z.B.

freenet TV, Kaspersky oder maxdome), können Sie ganz einfach hier einsehen – und mit einem einzigen Klick zum nächstmöglichen Zeitpunkt kündigen. Hello, I have an O2 prepaid SIM now. I want to get it ported to Winsim postpaid contract from O2 prepaid. Please let me know how do I proceed ? Within the scope of these changes, IT solutions must be fine-tuned, new tools developed and the process landscape adapted.